New Roster (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [104 PL, 1998pts]

Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Aeldari - Ynnari) [31 PL, 660pts]

Battalion Detachment +3CP (Aeldari - Drukhari) [48 PL, 834pts]

Air Wing Detachment +1CP (Aeldari - Drukhari) [25 PL, 504pts]

Selection Rules

Power from Pain: Battle Round 1 - Inured to Suffering: Roll a D6 each time a model with this ability suffers a wound. On a 6, it ignores the injury and the wound is not lost. <br/> Battle Round 2 - Eager to Flay: You can re-roll the dice when determining how far a unit with this ability moves when it Advances or charges. <br/> Battle Round 3 - Flensing Fury: You can add 1 to hit rolls made for a unit with this ability in the Fight phase. <br/> Battle round 4 - Emboldened by Bloodshed: Units with this ability automatically pass Morale tests (do not roll the dice).<br/> Battle Round 5+ - Mantle of Agony: Subtract 1 from the Leadership of enemy units that are within 6" of any units with this ability in the Morale phase. <br/>

Strength from Death: This ability is common to all YNNARI INFANTRY and YNNARI BIKER units and the Yncarne. Each time a unit is completely destroyed within 7" of one or more units with this ability, except in the Morale phase, pick one of those units to make a Soulburst action. That unit can immediately do one of the following, even if it has already done so in this turn.<br/> <br/> -The unit can move as if it were your Movement phase. It can Advance or Fall Back as part of this move.<br/> -The unit can, if it is a PSYKER, immediately attempt to manifest a single psychic power as if it were the Psychic phase.<br/> -The unit can shoot as if it were your Shooting phase, even if it Advanced or Fell Back this turn.<br/> -The unit can charge as if it were the Charge phase, even if it Advanced or Fell Back this turn(enemy units can fire Overwatch as normal). A unit cannot do this if is within 1" of an enemy unit.<br/> -The Unit can fight as if it were the Fight Phase.<br/> <br/> Note that this means that a unit may be able to shoot or fight twice in the same turn.<br/> <br/> A unit can only make a Soulburst action once per turn.

Ynnead's Will: Units with the ability can embark onto any AELDARI TRANSPORT, even though the transport in question might normally only permit models with other Faction keywords to do so. All other restrictions apply normally.

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