New Roster (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [134 PL, 2001pts]

Battalion Detachment +3CP (Tyranids - Genestealer Cults) [82 PL, 1211pts]

Brood Brothers

Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [52 PL, 790pts]

Force Rules

Brood Brothers: You can include ASTRA MILITARUM units and GENESTEALER CULTS units in the same matched play army, even though these units don't have any Faction keyword in common. However, you can only include one Astra Militarum Detachment in a Battle-forged army for each Genestealer Cult Detachment in that army. In such cases, simply ignore the Astra Militarum units when choosing your army's Faction. (Index: Xenos 2 p112)

Selection Rules

Cult Ambush: During deployment, you can set this unit up in ambush instead of on the battlefield. At the end of any of your Movement phases, it can launch an ambush - when it does so, roll a dice and consult the table. If you wish, before rolling on the Cult Ambush table for a GENESTEALER CULTS CHARACTER, you can pick one friendly GENESTEALER CULTS INFANTRY unit that was also set up in ambush to arrive with them; make one roll on the Cult Ambush table and apply the same result to both units. However, each of these unit must be set up within 6" of each other. If your army is Battle-forged, a unit can only make use of this ability if every unit is its Detachment has the GENESTEALER CULTS keyword. (Index: Xenos 2 p112)

Explodes: If this model is reduced to 0 wounds, roll a D6 before removing it from the battlefield and before any embarked models disembark. On a 6 it explodes, and each unit within 6" suffers D3 mortal wounds.

Grinding Advance: This model does not suffer the penalty to turret weapon hit rolls for shooting a Heavy weapon on a turn in which it has moved. The following weapons are turret weapons: battle cannon, eradicator nova cannon, exterminator autocannon, vanquisher battle cannon, demolisher cannon, executioner plasma cannon & punisher gatling cannon.

Unquestioning Loyalty: Each time a GENESTEALER CULTS CHARACTER loses a wound whilst they are within 3" of any friendly GENESTEALER CULTS INFANTRY units, pick one of those units and roll a dice; on a 4+ the Character does not lose a wound but one model in the unit you picked (your choice) is slain. (Index: Xenos 2 p112)

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