Astra Militarum feb 2017 (Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition v2023) (1998pts)

Formation Detachment (Blood Angels: Codex (2014) v2013) (685pts)

BA Baal Strike Force (Blood Angels: Codex (2014) v2013) (1313pts)

Selection Rules

And They Shall Know No Fear: A unit that contains at least one model with this special rule automatically passes Fear and Regroup tests. When it Regroups, the unit does not make the 3" Regroup move, but can instead move, shoot (or Run) and declare charges normally in that turn. Furthermore, if a unit containing one or more models with this special rule is caught by a Sweeping Advance, they are not destroyed, but remain locked in combat instead. (BRB)

Blood Angels Warlord: Note that if your Warlord is a Librarian Dreadnought, you must roll on the table below – he can never roll on any other Warlord Traits table.

Combat Squads: A full strength, ten-man unit with this special rule can break down into two five-man units, called combat squads, considered to be two five-man squads of the same type. For example, a ten-man Blood Angels Tactical Squad can split into two five-man Tactical Squads using the combat squads rule. You must decide which units are splitting combat squads, and which models go into each combat squad, immediately before determining your Warlord traits. A unit split into combat squads therefore is now two seperate units for all game purposes, includeing calculateing the total number of units in the army and determining the number of units you can place in Reserve. Then proceed with deployment as normal. In an exception to the normal rules, two combat squads split from the same unit can embark in the same transport vehicle, provideing its Transport Capacity allows. Once you have decided whether or not to spilt a unit into combat squads, it must remain that way for the entire battle. It cannot split up or join back together later on in the battle, nor can you use a redeployment to split up a unit or join it back together. Note that Bike Squads count as being at full strength when they have eight Space Marine Bikers and one Attack Bike. If split into combat squads, one combat squad will have five Bikers, the other will have three bikkers and the Attack Bike

Drop Pod Assault: Drop Pods and units embarked upon them must be held in Deep Strike Reserves. At the beginning of your first turn, half your Drop Pods (rounding up) automatically arrive from Reserve. The arrival of remaining Drop Pods is rolled for normally.

Furious Charge: In a turn in which a model with this special rule charges into combat, it adds +1 to its Strength characteristic until the end of the Assault phase. A model that has made a disordered charge that turn receives no benefit from Furious Charge. (BRB)

Honour or Death: A model with this rule must always issue and accept a challenge when possible.

Immobile: A Drop Pod cannot move once it has entered play, and counts in all respects as a vehicle that has suffered an Immobilised result that cannot be repaired in any way. This does not cause it to lose a Hull Point.

Independent Character: Independent characters can join other units. They cannot, however, join units that contain vehicles or Monstrous Creatures. They can join other Independent Characters, though, to form a powerful multi-character unit! Independent Characters pass Look Out, Sir rolls on a 2+. A unit that contains one or more Independent Characters does not need a double 1 to Regroup if reduced to below 25% of its starting numbres, but instead tests as if it had at least 25% remaining.

Full details in BRB. Rule too long to copy verbatim. (BRB)

Inertial Guidance System: If a Drop Pod scatters on top of impassable terrain or another model (friend or foe), reduce the scatter distance by the minimum required in order to avoid the obstacle. If a Drop Pod scatters off the edge of the board, it suffers a Deep Strike Mishap.


Killing Strike: When a weapon with this special rule rolls a 6 To Wound, the target is wounded automatically, regardless of the target’s Toughness, and the Wound has the Instant Death special rule.

Killshot: While a unit includes three Predators, they gain Monster Hunter and Tank Hunters. (Angel's Blade p101)

Liturgies of Blood: In a turn in which Astorath charges into combat, all Death Company Marines in his unit re-roll failed To Wound rolls in the Fight sub-phase. A model that has made a disordered charge that turn receives no benefit from Liturgies of Blood.

Move Through Cover

Projected Void Shields: Each projected void shield has a 12" area of effect (measured from any point on the Void Shield Generator building) known as a Void Shield Zone. Any shooting attack that originates from outside a Void Shield Zone and hits a unit that is wholly within the Void Shield Zone instead his the projected void shield. If a unit is wholly within 12" of multiple Void Shield Generators, and so within more than one Void Shield Zone when it is hit, randomly determine which of the buildings' projected void shields is hit.

Projected void shields have no effect against witchfire powers that do not ave a S value (Psychic Shriek, Haemorrhage, Purge Soul, etc).

Each projected void shield has an Armour Value of 12. A glancing or penetrating hit (or any hit from a D weapon) scored against a projected void shield causes it to collapse. If all the projected void shields have collapsed, further hits strike the original target instead. At the end of each of the controlling player's turns, roll a die for each projected void shield that has collapsed; each roll of 5+ instantly restores one shield.

Psyker: A Librarian generates his psychic powers from the Sanguinary, Biomancy, Daemonology, Divination and Pyromancy disciplines.

Rage-fuelled: A model with Gallian's Staff can re-roll any dice rolls of a 1 when making a Psychic Test, but will immediately suffer a Wound, with no saves of any kind allowed, for each re-rolled dice that is also a 1.

Scout: After both sides have deployed (including Infiltrators), but before the first player begins his first turn, a unit containing at least one model with this special rule can choose to redeploy. If the unit is Infantry, Artillery, a Walker or a Monstrous Creature, each model can redeploy anywhere entirely within 6" of its current position. If it is any other unit type, each model can instead
redeploy anywhere entirely within 12" of its current position. During this redeployment, Scouts can move outside the owning player’s deployment zone, but must remain more than 12" away from any enemy unit. A unit that makes a Scout redeployment cannot charge in the first game turn. A unit cannot embark or disembark as part of a Scout redeployment.

If both sides have Scouts, roll-off; the winner decides who redeploys first. Then alternate redeploying Scout units.

If a unit with this special rule is deployed inside a Dedicated Transport, it confers the Scout special rule to the Transport (though a disembarkation cannot be performed as part of the redeployment). Note that a Transport with this special rule does not lose it if a unit without this special rule is embarked upon it. Having Scout also confers the Outflank special rule to units of Scouts that are kept as Reserves.

If a unit has both the Infiltrate and Scout special rule, that unit can deploy as per the Infiltrate special rule and then redeploy as per the Scout special rule. (BRB)

Suppresive Bombardment: While a unit includes three Whirlwinds, their multiple missile launchers gain Pinning and Shred. (Angel's Blade p100)

Well-timed Blow: Once per battle, at the start of your turn, this Formation can deliver a Well-timed Blow. When they do so each Dreadnought in this Formation may choose to Shoot or Pile In and fight instead of moving in the movement phase. Dreadnoughts that shoot or fight can do so again later in the same turn. (Angel's Blade p114)

Zealot: A unit containing one or more models with the Zealot special rule automatically passes Pinning, Fear and Regroup tests and Morale checks, but cannot Go to Ground and cannot choose to fail a Morale check due to the Our Weapons Are Useless rule. If a unit gains the Zealot special rule when it has Gone to Ground, all the effects of Go to Ground are immediately cancelled.

In addition, units containing one or more models with the Zealot special rule re-roll all failed To Hit rolls during the first round of each close combat – they do not get to re-roll failed To Hit rolls in subsequent rounds. (BRB)

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